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threeSIXTY Formal Accessories is committed to your happiness, which is why our staff works hard to bring your vision to life. With our Custom Order service, we are able to design and create a piece specifically for you. Our team will draft a design based on your inspiration and within a short few weeks, will have a one of a kind piece for your special day.

Wedding Portrait
Wedding Embrace

Customizable Items

  • Headpieces

  • Beaded Belts/Sashes

  • Jewelry

  • Bow Ties (Bridal Party Attire)

  • Personalized Gifts

  • Party Favours

  • Gift Boxes/Bridesmaid Proposals

  • and Much More

How to Place a Custom Order

Please send us an email indicating the custom item you are looking for, your inspiration and the date you need it by and we will respond to you as soon as possible to begin the process. All custom orders receive a free quote, including a drawn design of the item. Please don't hesitate to connect if you have any questions.

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